Spencer Haws

Credentials: Postdoctoral Scholar

Email: shaws@wisc.edu

330 North Orchard Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53715


Ph.D., Molecular and Biochemical Nutrition, University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.S., Nutritional Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Description

Interrogating the metabolism-epigenome axis within a stem cell model of human aging


Dot1L is a barrier to histone acetylation during reprogramming to pluripotency. Coral K. Wille, Xiaoya Zhang, Spencer A. Haws, John M. Denu, Rupa Sridharan. Science Advances. 2023

Intrinsic catalytic properties of histone H3 lysine-9 methyltransferases preserve monomethylation levels under low S-adenosylmethionine. Spencer A. Haws*, Lillian J. Miller*, Diego Rojas La Luz, Vyacheslav I. Kuznetsov, Raymond C. Trievel, Gheorghe Craciun, and John M. Denu. JBC 2023. *These authors contributed equally.

Fasting drives the metabolic, molecular and geroprotective effects of a calorie-restricted diet in mice. Pak HH, Haws SA, Green CL, Koller M, Lavarias MT, Richardson NE, Yang SE, Dumas SN, Sonsalla M, Bray L, Johnson M, Barnes S, Darley-Usmar V, Zhang J, Yen CE, Denu JM, Lamming DW. Nat Metab. 2021.

Methyl-Metabolite Depletion Elicits Adaptive Responses to Support Heterochromatin Stability and Epigenetic Persistence. Haws SA, Yu D, Ye C, Wille CK, Nguyen LC, Krautkramer KA, Tomasiewicz JL, Yang SE, Miller BR, Liu WH, Igarashi K, Sridharan R, Tu BP, Cryns VL, Lamming DW, Denu JM. Mol Cell 2020.

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General method for rapid purification of native chromatin fragments. Kuznetsov VI, Haws SH, Fox CA, Denu JM. J Biol Chem 2018.