at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Kimberly Krautkramer

Position title: Graduate Student, MSTP, IPiB



B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison


University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine and Public Health, Class of 2015
MSTP (Medical Scientist Training Program), IPiB

Selected Publications

  • Fan J., Krautkramer K.A., Feldman J.L., Denu J.M. (2015) Metabolic regulation of histone post-translational modifications. ACS Chemical Biology. 10(1):95-108
  • Krautkramer, K. A. et al. Tcf19 is a novel islet factor necessary for proliferation and survival in the INS-1 beta cell line.
  • Davis, D. B. et al. FoxM1 is up-regulated by obesity and stimulates beta-cell proliferation. Mol. Endocrinol. 24, 1822–1834 (2010).
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