Morgan Lentz

Credentials: Biology

Position title: Undergraduate Research Assistant


WID Rm. 2168


Dean’s List Student

2019 Undergraduate Biology Symposium Presenter (Denu Lab)

Research Interests

Heterochromatin-associated protein complexes, especially HP1a and its biochemical mechanism for regulating transcription

Morgan also works as an undergraduate research assistant to support the lab in daily tasks and lab maintenance


Morgan spends her free time running or staying active through intramural teams sports such as sand volleyball, softball and basketball. She also enjoys reading books and visiting state parks for hiking and swimming.

Morgan volunteers at a local hospital as a patient transport volunteer and also dedicates much of her time as a Co-Director of Camp Kesem UW-Madison which serves the children of parents who are currently battling cancer or who are cancer survivors.

She is currently applying to medical school to pursue a career as a Pediatrician.