Yiming (Amy) Qin

Position title: Nutritional Sciences Graduate Student

Email: qin26@wisc.edu

Research Interests

Mitochrondrial protein acetylation


SIRT3 deficiency decreases oxidative metabolism capacity but increases lifespan in male mice under caloric restriction. Dhillon RS, Qin YA, van Ginkel PR, Fu VX, Vann JM, Lawton AJ, Green CL, Manchado-Gobatto FB, Gobatto CA, Lamming DW, Prolla TA, Denu JM. Aging Cell 2022.

Metabolomic Analysis of Carbohydrate and Amino Acid Changes Induced by Hypoxia in Naked Mole-Rat Brain and Liver. Cheng H, Qin YA, Dhillon R, Dowell J, Denu JM, Pamenter ME. Metabolites 2022.